Powerline products are engineered for ultimate performance. We always care for highest quality and maximum safety. That’s why our Customers are always 100% satisfied!

Synthetic ropes

– Much safer than steel wire rope
– Much stronger than steel wire rope
– Extremely lightweight – very easy to use
– No more injuries of hands from wire rope
– Will not kink like steel wire rope
– Will not rust
– Torque-free
– Floats in water

We care about all details, that’s why our ropes have useful eyelets, additional black covers and very strong hooks (equipped with safe strap). We know that our Customers need different ropes, so we have three different types of them:

  • Standard

  • Safety red – with red coloured ending

  • VipeRopes – braided, ultra-resistant ropes

One of the most important feature of synthetic ropes is the safety benefits they provide. Powerline does not store energy while under load and it’s very lightweight, so if something goes wrong and the rope breaks, it will harmlessly fall to the ground.


Synthetic ropes have breaking strength 40-80% higher than standard steel wire ropes. This is a enormous increase!


Synthetic ropes are up to 80% lighter than standard wire ropes.  On a typical recreational off road vehicle, switching to a synthetic and an aluminum hawse fairlead will shave up to 15 kgs of weight from the front of the vehicle. Rigging vehicle extractions are also much easier, especially in loose, hilly terrain.


No kinks
Once a steel wire cable kinks it’s breaking strength is seriously compromised and should be removed from service. You don’t need to worry about kinks with a synthetic rope because it doesn’t have memory.


Ease of use
There are many aspects of synthetic ropes which make them easier to use than wire ones. As mentioned in the section on safety, synthetic lines are up to 80% lighter, making it much easier to rig up vehicle extractions. Synthetic lines are also much more forgiving to hands than steel wire rope because they do not have sharp burrs or “meat hooks” as they are sometimes referred to.


Kinetic ropes

– Stretches up to 30%
– Reduced stress to com ponents of the vehicle
– Allows you to even pull during recoveries
– Very useful for flat towing in tight trails
com pared to static tow straps
– Professionally hand spliced

Our kinetic ropes are made from 100% strong nylon. They have protected soft eye splice on both ends in 4 different colours -corresponding their strength.

The Powerline is the ultimate kinetic recovery rope. During vehicle extraction, it stretches and absorbs tremendous energy com ing from the pulling. This energy is transferred to the stuck vehicle, resulting in an extremely effective and efficient vehicle recovery.


Even Pull
Rigging Powerline kinetic rope in this manner reduces stress to the single recovery points on the vehicle and decreases the chance of tweaking the
frame during difficult recoveries.


Shock absorbing
Under m axim um load, a kinetic rope will stretch up to 30%. This stretch helps to relieve the jerking commonly felt during vehicle recovery,
effectively reducing the stress put through a vehicle and its users.