Snatch block PW10000E

Entry level snatch block. Used properly, the multi-purpose Powerwinch snatch block can double the pulling power of any winch or change your pulling direction without damaging the wire or synthetic rope.

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General Details

Entry level 10T snatch block.

Snatch blocks are often indispensable stuff. They are used both in the field and during rescue operations or pulling a car on a tow truck. Using one of the pulleys allows almost to double the pulling power of the winch. It is also useful, when you have to change durection of pulling. All pulley blocks are made of high quality galvanized steel, ensuring high strength and good resistance to corrosion.

For winches up to 13000 lbs.

Techical Info


# Specs Value
1 Max. rope diameter 11 mm
2 MBL 10000 kg
3 Dimensions 235 x 125 x 45 mm


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