Cable tensioner

Tension allows you to wind one layer of string upon another without snags or kinks

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General Details

A winch tensioner (also known as a winch winder) is designed to push the winch rope down against the drum, so that in winds one layer at a time.
Without a tensioner, you could have a series of problems including:

  • a potential tangle or kink in your cable or synthetic winch rope
  • a jam or snag that will waste time and could even damage your winch
  • kinks or bends in your winch cable or rope can lead to a weakening of the cable/rope at that specific point
  • poorly wound cable may not have enough friction against your winch drum to pull effectively
Techical Info


# Specs Value
1 Winches 9500-13000 lbs with standard drum
2 Material Galvanized steel
3 Type Spring tensioner


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