Powerwinch PW12000W Predator

PowerWinch PW12000W Predator is a device for most requiring Customers. Its main advantage is reliable and indestructible worm gear, used in electric and hydraulic winches from the top level.

General Details

Powerwinch PW12000W Predator with its worm gear is just unbeatable.

Winch PW12000W Predator has a solid pull rate – 5448 kg , and is equipped with powerful 7.2 hp motor, 450A solenoid and a self-braking worm gear . By the method of mounting cables, through an opening in the drum , PW12000W is completely safe to Users, minimizing the risk of damage.

Electric winch PW12000W Predator meets the CE standard . Power consumption in the range of 70 – 390A (12V) is standard in the segment of worm winches. All components are made of high quality materials, selected to provide unparalleled quality and reliability of the winch .

In addition PowerWinch Predator is equipped with a roller farilead made of galvanized steel and durable, sealed solenoid located on the side of the control box . Winch motor is powered from the battery of the vehicle and through the gear rotates the drum wound with wire rope . Winch can be controled using the remote control on the cable .

A small rolling speed , self-braking gear and incredible strength make the Predator ideal for use, including mounting it in the back in SUVs ( belaying , lowering ) , the main winch in cars expedition and many others .

In the box with PowerWinch PW12000W Predator you will find:
– Wire rope 9,5 x 28 m with hardened core
– Hook
– Roller fairlead
– Control box
– Cables set
– Wire remote control
– Mounting screws set
– User manual
– Warranty card



Techical Info


# Specs Value
1 Rated line pull 5443 kg
2 Motor 7,2 HP
3 Gearing Worm gear
4 Gear ratio 470:1
5 Voltage 12V or 24V
6 Solenoid 500A
7 Brake Automatic
8 Rope Wire rope 10,3mm x 29m
9 Fairlead Roller
10 Dimensions 600mm x 280mm x 270mm
11 Drum dimensions 90mm x 212mm
12 Mounting bolt pattern 254mm x 165,1mm
13 Weight 70 kgs
14 Current draw 12V 0kg – 70A, 5443kg – 390A; 24V 0kg – 35A, 5443kg – 200A
15 Line speed 0 kg – 4,2 m/min 5443 kg – 0,6m/min


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